How ChatGPT Makes Money For You As An Affiliate Marketer.


What is Chat GPT?


ChatGPT is an AI language model that uses text-based prompts to generate human-like responses. It was developed by OpenAI that uses machine learning to generate natural language responses to a wide range of input prompts.

In short, it’s like a really smart computer buddy you can talk to about literally anything and it will answer your questions at the click of a button. Pretty cool, huh?

So how do you make money as an affiliate marketer using Chat GPT?

Well, Let’s Jump Straight In.

What’s ChatGPT good at?

As an affiliate marketer, the first thing you need is to be Visible Online. And to be visible you need a website. And to be able to get traffic to your website all day long, month in month out, you need to be something that is irresistible enough for search engines not to bypass you. That’s where ChatGPT comes in?

ChatGPT is good at enabling you

  • Generate Article Ideas
  • Help you do Keyword Research
  • Write Your Article (with just a click of a button)

And you’re only job is to find the right affiliate programs to make you money.

Generate Blog/Article Ideas

As an example, let’s say you want to create an affiliate marketing website in the fitness niche and make affiliate commissions recommending fitness programs.

You can ask ChatGPT to “ Give me 7 article ideas for my affiliate marketing website for a fitness program posts that are low competition and easy to rank for”

Straight away you have some brilliant ideas on a fitness program like low-impact exercises for seniors or even healthy meal prep ideas for a busy week.

So, with these ideas, your job is to get to do some more research on the keywords you would use. Here’s how.

Keyword Phrases Research

There are some free tools to use for your keyword research such as The Keyword Planner in Google Ads. For instance you can type “Fitness Program” in the keyword planner and it will give you keywords based on average monthly searches, Competition for that keyword and ways to refine your keywords.


For your keywords to rank easily, you go for low competition type of keywords especially when you are new to blog/ article writing. Then use ChatGPT to find the best blog/article titles for you using those keywords. As an example we will use ChatGPT to generate article titles using the low competition keyword, “Fitness classes”

Type, “Write me 7 SEO-optimized article titles for the keyword Fitness classes”


Straight away, you have article titles that are excellent for your article. And you can prompt it to write more titles if they are not good enough for you.

Now, that you have your article titles, let ChatGPT write your article.

ChatGPT Writing Your Article

Now, that you have a title for your article, use ChatGPT to write the article for you. As a side note, to get the best out of ChatGPT you need to do this 1 thing.

  • Be very very specific and tell it exactly what you want. (Don’t be shy)

So let’s ask it to “Write me a 900 word article and let it be SEO optimized touching on my target keyword “Fitness classes”.


As you can see, ChatGPT is more than happy to write that article for you. You can even ask it to expound further if something in the article is not clear.

Editing The Article

Now that the article is done, what next. You pass it through a free tool called Quillbot, that can paraphrase the article for you so that it feels more human written than AI robotic written.


As you can see, Quillbot paraphrases your article to give it a more human-like touch and ensure it is not flagged by google as an article written by AI.

You can also run it through AI Content Detector tools like “” to make sure your article ranks on google and to ensure it passes the AI content detection test and any plagiarism concerns.

So Is ChatGPT Really Any Good Then?

Short Answer: Yes and No.

Yes, it removes the writer’s block that many writers experience, more so if you are just a beginner.

Yes, it cuts down the amount of hours significantly when it comes to article writing on any topic. (Think of it as your personal brain storming partner).

No, because it’s still too early to create perfect, personalized articles for you. Human editing is still required.

No, it relies on what data you feed it. If you don’t feed it great information, you’re not going to get a great result.

Then you might be asking, then is there a way around this?

Luckily, there is. There are AI generator software for SEO built on top of ChatGPT that make it way easier and faster to create content for articles. Content at scale is one such software. Its content passes all plagiarism checkers like a breeze. All you need to feed it is your keyword, short description of your article and word count if you want, and three minutes later you have your article.

The only catch is, it’s a paid for service. (IMO, for the headache it eliminates, it’s worth it).

Pricing starts at $150/mo.

So, your ticket to making money as an affiliate marketer who writes compelling articles, Content at scale is your best bet.

The Last Step, Of course is Finding An Affiliate Program

You might already be an affiliate for products in your niche, but if you are a beginner, once you publish a few articles and you start getting traffic, finding an affiliate program is the Final step.

For our keyword “Fitness classes” above, I searched for some of the best high ticket fitness affiliate program and I came across the Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program. You can earn up to 8% commissions on their products, with their products average price of $800.

To Wrap It All Up,

ChatGPT is a useful tool for beginners to get article ideas, title ideas for your blogs and write articles that can once edited can be useful to drive traffic to your website and affiliate links to make money.

So if you want to enhance and speed up your article writing skills, ChatGPT is an excellent tool.


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